Angela Simmons Teases ‘Tumultuous Love Life’ & Working Through Her ‘Heartbreak’

Angela Simmons Teases ‘Tumultuous Love Life’ & Working Through Her ‘Heartbreak’


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Ali Stagnitta
On-Air Reporter & Writer

Angela Simmons opened up about her heartbreaks & current dating status as she discussed her new TV show on the HollywoodLife Podcast!

Angela Simmons, 33, launched her own show, Just Angela, on Aspire TV at the end of March. On the show, the entrepreneur uses her personal experiences in business, relationships, and life to inspire others to embrace the #GirlBoss mindset. Of course, what everyone wants to know is if the Growing Up Hip-Hop star is dating after her split from boxer Daniel Jacobs and former boyfriend Bow Wow! “I definitely talk a lot about love after a breakup and being in a relationship, not being relationship and kind of my process to help yourself heal,” she slyly dished on the HollywoodLife Podcast. “We all have been through breakups and heartbreaks and you know, I’m just helping people in this show get to the next spot, and at least giving you my advice on what that looks like over the years.”

Regarding her current love life status, Angela said “there’s a lot going on” in her relationships at the moment. “I want everyone to watch and see,” she teased. In August 2020, the Simmons Beauty founder went public with boxer Daniel Jacobs but then at the top of the new year, all traces of him were deleted from her social media. She also briefly dated Bow Wow, which was a fan-favorite storyline on Growing Up Hip-Hop.

When it comes to her discussions of love, loss and healing on Just Angela, Angela opened up more about the loss of her late ex Sutton Tennyson, who tragically died in a shooting in 2018. The couple split in in 2016, two months after Angela welcomed their child, Sutton Tennyson Jr. “I remember like yesterday when everything happened, when he passed, I had to go right into therapy because I couldn’t process it,” she told Hollywood Unlocked. “It was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m raising his son without him, I miss [him]’ – it was just so much on the table for me when it came to that and then my son has his name and I didn’t know how I was going to process even that. It just was so much. But, gratefully and thankfully, therapy had been very, very helpful to me. I went like two, three times a week after it happened and it really helped me just get to the other side because I was not there. I think for the first time in my life I felt numb.”

Angela Simmons (Shutterstock)

She continued, “My son does ask for his father, he does ask why he doesn’t have a father and that’s tough,. How do you tell a 4-year-old why his dad is not here? Other than he’s in heaven or he’s with God. These are things you tell a child who’s craving that father or that attention. I have never experienced something like that so close up and I did not ever think that I would have to raise a child alone…I’m strong but I have my days and my moments where I’m like ‘I miss him, I wish he could be here for his son and he would be so proud.’ My child’s father didn’t even get to see him speak.”

Listen to the full HollywoodLife Podcast for more on Just Angela & Angela Simmons’ other business ventures!

Angela Simmons

Growing Up Hip Hop

‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Preview: Bow Wow Admits He’s ‘Happy’ Angela Has A New Man

‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Preview: Bow Wow Admits He’s ‘Happy’ Angela Has A New Man

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Avery Thompson
Entertainment Director

Bow Wow opens up about how he feels about Angela Simmons’ new boyfriend in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.’ He tells his pal that Ang made the ‘best choice.’

Bow Wow and his friend Pimpin’ are in the studio together in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Jan. 21 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. Pimpin’ brings up that his girl Angela Simmons is posting new photos of her boyfriend. “I don’t have a girl,” Bow Wow quips to his friend.

Bow Wow and Angela have had quite the on-again, off-again relationship over the years. They’ve been friends since they were kids and something more at times. However, now they’re just friends. “I’m happy for her,” Bow Wow tells his friend about Angela’s relationship with boxer Daniel Jacobs.

Bow Wow talks about Angela’s new man with Pimpin’ in our preview. (WE tv)

Pimpin’ thinks that the rapper sounds a little “sad” about Angela’s new boyfriend. “No, I’m happy as a motherf**ker,” Bow Wow explains. “I approve of it. Like, I like it and now that kills all the questions that people on Twitter saying ‘yo, ya’ll should be together,’ and we keep telling people like, no. I’m not ready to be that man. I’m Bow Wow.”

He continues: “I’m still single, you know, and that’s by choice. The dangerous in love thing, you know, toxic relationships, I’m done with it.” Bow Wow knows that what Angela wants in life is “not what I want right now.” He adds, “She made the best choice.”

Bow Wow and Angela Simmons have been friends since they were kids. (MEGA)

Pimpin’ also opens up about his recent breakup with his girlfriend, Diamond. They’ve known each other for 18 years and started dating again last year. He admits that their relationship was full of “ups and downs.” They have a knack for breaking up and getting back together. However, he says that this time is “different” because there’s a lot of “extra stuff” going on, including “a lot of insecurity involved in our relationship.” Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

Bow Wow Mocked On Twitter After Partying With 13 Bikini-Clad Women On A Boat During Pandemic — Memes

Bow Wow Mocked On Twitter After Partying With 13 Bikini-Clad Women On A Boat During Pandemic — Memes


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Cassie Gill
Evening/Weekend Editor

No social distancing here! Bow Wow and another male pal danced away with a group of women on a small boat — and Twitter had something to say about it.

Bow Wow, 33, is under fire on social media! The rapper — née Shad Moss — posted a short video of himself partying and dancing away with 13 bikini-clad women on Wednesday, Jan. 6. Bow Wow was aboard a small boat and joined by another male pal for the sunny afternoon in what could be Miami, FL based on his recent posts. “How can i not smile everyday!” he captioned the post, adding a plug for his reality series Growing Up Hip-Hop.

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A post shared by Bow wow (@shadmoss)

The Like Mike actor looked up at the camera with his arms wide as 4Mar‘s “Go Crazy” remix blared. It’s unclear if a person or drone shot the video, which was filmed from above Bow Wow’s group, or when it was shot. Twitter immediately erupted in reaction to the video, mainly due to his lack of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and the size of his small boat!

Bow Wow was harlem shaking and almost flipped his boat

— Black Adam (@AD_Renaissance) January 7, 2021

“Bow Wow was harlem shaking and almost flipped his boat,” one Twitter user wrote, including a picture of a Fisher-Price toy boat set reminiscent of the same one Bow Wow was partying on. Ouch! “Looks like Bow Wow got his stimulus check,” another suggested, alluding to the one-time $600 payments that went out to qualifying Americans in recent days.

Looks like Bow Wow got his stimulus check

— Chandler Joshua (@ch4ndl3r_j0shu4) January 7, 2021

The backlash didn’t stop there, as other Twitter users compared his boat to a fast food container. “Bow Wow hopping in his new boat,” another added, including an altered image of a man sinking in a small boat. “It’s bow wow and the little tug boat for me!” one fan wrote, as several also compared it to the “rescue boats” featured in the film Titanic. “Why is there no face masks?” others questioned.

Bow Wow hopping in his new boat‼️

— Hidden.Mally⛷ (@Mallythegod) January 7, 2021

Recently, Bow Wow confirmed he’s working on a sitcom series with his daughter Shai, 9. “We have something big in the works now. I’m probably on the first draft of the script and we’ll probably get the second draft soon,” the rapper and actor told The Shade Room. “And the show is amazing I’m just gonna put it that way. Shai and Shad is coming. This year for sure…I let her find her way and that’s all I do,” he teased. The 33-year-old is also dad to 4-month-old Stone Moss with model Olivia Sky.

Bow Wow

Rico Recklezz – Crank That (Soulja Boy Diss)

Rico Recklezz in this hoe.
50 Clip off in that pole.
Watch me c*ck this motherf*cker back and let it blow.
/Boom./ (x4)
/You ain’t no soldier boy./ (x4)(crank that)

How the f*ck you a soldier and you ain’t never go to war.
You niggas gay, SOD; Sucking On d*ck, what it stand for.
Bitch, I’m Rico Recklezz I’m like the boogie man, the Chiraq Landlord.
075 Rugaworld free Stain we posted in front of that store.
This nigga Soulja been a bitch his whole life, trynna act like he want smoke.
Knowing damn well he put up cause’ every time he pop out he getting poked.
Choppa same size as Lil Mouse he gon’ f*ck around and get smoked.
Steady taking pictures with that Draco knowing damn well you don’t tote.
Better ask around, check my background; I’m a bloodhound for that dough.
My niggas clap rounds, you hear that Mac sound; Now your dancing ass on that floor.
On the internet talking like a killer but you super-lock your door.
You had a hit, but now you over wit, I wish you won’t rap no more.
Stay taking niggas rap style.
Up in Chiraq, nigga you don’t live this live style.
Team no lacking bitch, I can’t put the pipe down.
Headshot will make his corny ass pipe-down.
Lil Boosie ..
Lil Uzi bitch, I’m Money Longer right now.
No movie, Freddy Kruger with me right now.
It’s Ewol rolling off a pill, drinking brown.
Jayden in the cut; Move blow your ass down.
.. Atlanta but I heard you reppin’ Cali now.
You wearing red so you think you a Blood now.
Know some Crips in south-central blow your ass down.
In Chiraq location on right now.
f*ck probation, 30 on me, I’m on parole clown.
Niggas say they balling but they really in the crowd.
You swisher sweet and I don’t smoke swishers clown.
Super-Soaker wet him up, now he need a towel.
You washed up, he just made a tape with Bow Wow.
Disney Channel ass niggas look like Oscar Proud.
Rico Recklezz been dope, you a Black&Mild.
Hundred thousand on my head, ..
Go ahead, tell .. scary ass to leave the house.
No recess little boy, I don’t play around.
Rico Recklezz, keep my name out your f*cking mouth.
Fore’ I have them Renegades outside your house.
One phone call, and .. cappin’ now.
$10K, one on one we can fight it out.
But my city, you can’t come, you ain’t welcome now.
Glock .23 like Mike, no Bow Wow. (x3)
.. go to jail before my thot blow you down.(crank that)

Say it nigga.
Keep Recklezz Renegade outta your motherf*cking mouth!
Y’all know what the f*ck it is, you know how we rockinnn’.

Soulja Boy & Bow Wow – Intro (Ignorant Shit Mixtape) letras

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Hit the pot with the fork
Scrape the cocaine just like an egg yolk
Slam dunk a brick just like I’m on a court
Feeling like John Gotti walking out the court
Broke my wrist when I jumped out the gym
Balling hard like I’m on ESPN
Pinky ring, hit me for the 10
Slide through the trap, Forgiato my rims
In the trap, let the story begin
’09, me and Guwop getting it in
Young rich nigga came up straight out the rip
2010, had to empty the clip
2011, .30 on my hip
2012, I’m on a private jet
’13, 30 M’s, what’s next?
’14, had a 100 M check
2015, nigga we made it
Jump out the gym and I went to Las Vegas
2016, came from trapping on Baby
Made 3M overseas, we gonna go to Australia
Me and Bow Wow all about paper
Stack up the money taller than skyscraper
Smoke up gelato, then I hit the vape
Hop in the Lambo, we stunt on the haters

[Verse 2: Bow Wow]
Yeah, yeah
Just bought a private jet
We don’t land at LAX
You know Bow get it popping
Shhh, rich niggas talking
Shut up nigga, let me speak mine
Been balling for a long time
You know hoes come and go, dog
Just like LeBron’s hairline
Kid Red in this bitch right
Wackstar here, Fruits up
Getting money with these white folks
Now now a nigga gotta suit up
In the building like I own it
Lamborghini doing donuts
Niggas talking like they want it
Bad bitches, yeah, we on them
Hop out the Wraith, young nigga knocking your bitch
Look at the stones on my wrist
Stripper parties in the suite at the Ritz
Forbes calling because they know niggas rich
We don’t make music for broke niggas
Only for rich niggas out getting money
I stay to myself, I keep shit on the low
And they say that I’m broke, boy, y’all funny
Still ball, I’m a Minute Made fan now
Still getting "Like Mike" checks in the mail now
Blowing big blunts, kush smoke in the air now
Young niggas in here turnt, we don’t pipe down
[Verse 3: Soulja Boy]
Young niggas turnt, we don’t pipe down
Posted on the block with the Glocks out
Posted on the block in the drop with Bow Wow
Pinky ring, 10 chain cost a 100 thou
Young rich niggas, yeah, we all about paper
Rollie my wrist, bust down on a hater
The niggas mad, just look at they faces
Went and spent 50 thousand for a bracelet
Posted on the block, I’m gripping
Serena Williams how I play with the racks like it’s tennis
Shoot this Draco just like Dennis the Menace
Standing in Zone 1, I’m serving the pigeons
Hit the p-jet with a hundred and fifty chickens
Drunk and testing, thought they say it’s finger licking
Knock out the plug, I ain’t leaving no witness
Sipping on Actavis, feeling the promethazine in my kidneys

[Verse 4: Bow Wow]
Club jumping because we in it
Niggas mad because we winning
Money coming by the boatloads
Fuck saving, we gonna spend it
Costa Mesa with your bitch
We just spent about a grit
Left nothing on the racks
We just fucking up Saks
Designer this, designer that
Always ten, we on the map
Speaking of the town, still the king of that
Homie, I’m just stating facts
Party at Jamie Foxx’s house
Fucking hoes on the couch
Never catching feelings with these bitches
Fuck them one time then kick them out
Been stunting since a jit
Red bottoms for the kicks
Switch the Rolly for the Cartier
Niggas balling, Penny Hardaway
Got a Gotti never drove it
Drive the Rover like it’s stolen
Diamonds came from Elliot the jeweler
So you know my neck and wrist is frozen
I just got a check, nigga
So I’m gonna flex, nigga
Got a driveway full of foreigns
I don’t drive Corvettes, nigga