Drake Bugs Out When Comedian Tries Putting Drinks On ‘His Tab’ During Epic Prank — Watch

Drake Bugs Out When Comedian Tries Putting Drinks On ‘His Tab’ During Epic Prank — Watch


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Cassie Gill
Evening/Weekend Editor

Drake was less than thrilled as comedian Trav Que hilariously tried to stick him with a massive $800K bill as part of a prank.

Drake, 34, was not about to pay for someone else’s bar tab. The Toronto born rapper was victim to prank which involved comedian Trav Que insisting that Drake was going to pay for his drinks, in addition to his own — which would have totaled a whopping $800K! “Miss — let me get 2,000 cases of [Drake’s whiskey brand] Virginia Black, 40 cases of Bumbu, and three cases of tequila,” the man said to the bartender next to a less-than-thrilled Drake.

While bottles of VB retail for about $34 each, Bumbu’s Craft Rum runs at $60 for 740mL — which would very quickly add up at a high end establishment when you factor in bottle service and markup. The rapper put his arm out in an attempt to wave the man away, shaking his head no to the woman working at the establishment. “Are you sure?” the bartender questioned, as the comedian intercepted once again. “You know who this is, right? This is Drake!” Trav exclaimed.

Put It On @Drake’s tab pic.twitter.com/pDQIFxlvFh

— TravQue (@TravQue) April 7, 2021

“You know who this is? This is Toronto himself. The 6 God. This is ‘b—— callin my phone like I’m locked up, nonstop’,” he went on, referencing one of the rapper’s 2018 Scorpion hits “Nonstop.” By this point, Drake was seemingly getting more miffed by the scenario — giving Trav a sinister stare. “Relax bro,” Drake says, as the man once again interjected. “Put it on his tab, he said he got it. Alright? Everything… everything. He said he got it,” the comedian said in the video posted to social media. The Take Care rapper then noticed he was being filmed, and reached out to swat the phone down out of the other person’s hand. Uh oh!

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Drake isn’t the first famous person to fall for Trav’s hilarious “bar tab” prank, which he also pulled on rapper Dave East, actor D. L. Hughley and “We Fly High” rapper Jim Jones. Trav has a second series that also targets celebrities where he asks singers or rappers to listen to his original lyrics — but then performs one of their own songs back. The latter left Chris Brown, Wyclef, Busta Rhymes and Tory Lanez all scratching their heads.

The Canadian rapper has been keeping a low profile lately, but was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills with a longer beard over the weekend. He was also rocking a unique heart shaped buzzcut in his hair as he walked out of a high end jewelry store with a security team. Drake rocked a large pair of diamond stud earrings and a Missoni jacket for the outing, which came after a scary attempted home intrusion incident at his 50,000 sq. foot Toronto property. A woman was arrested outside of home, Page Six reported, noting she was in possession of a knife.


Busta Rhymes Shares Secrets To Losing 100 Lbs In A Year: I Was ‘Too Young’ To Be So Unhealthy’

Busta Rhymes Shares Secrets To Losing 100 Lbs In A Year: I Was ‘Too Young’ To Be So Unhealthy’

Andre L. Perry for Men’s Health

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Samantha Wilson
Political News Editor

In just one year, Busta Rhymes revamped his lifestyle, lost 100 pounds, and is feeling better than ever. See the before and after pics from his incredible health journey.

At 48 years old, Busta Rhymes is in the best shape of his life. The rapper revealed in a new interview with Men’s Health that he was finally able to take control of his health after a decade of unhealthy habits that stemmed from a pair of tragedies that rocked him to the core. It was a near-death experience in 2019 that made him realize that he needed to get healthy, and immediately. “It felt like this was on me now, and I had to steer things in a different direction. I was too young” to be that unhealthy, he told the magazine. You can see the before and after images below.

Busta explained that he spiraled after his friend and longtime manager Chris Lighty died in 2012, and his father passed in 2014. Trying to cope with the pain, he focused on his “strict obligations” to take care of his six children and neglected himself. Once totally fit, Busta stopped working out and ate poorly. The turning point came in early 2019 when one of his sons discovered him asleep in his car and struggling to breathe due to sleep apnea. He later underwent emergency surgery when a doctor discovered polyps in his throat that were restricting 90 percent of his breathing.

Busta Rhymes is seen here performing at NYC’s Citi Field in 2018. One year later, he’d vow to take control of his health (AP Images)

After surgery, he dedicated himself to taking control of his health. Busta moved to Jacksonville, Florida for a month to work one-on-one with professional bodybuilder Dexter Jackson — and he kicked his butt into shape. They trained three times a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and twice a ay on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Busta went on an ultra-healthy diet, eating 12 egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast and steaks after his workouts. His weight increased from 290 to 340 pounds as he gained muscle.

The “Pass the Courvoisier” rapper stopped partying, too. “We didn’t go out. We just watched movies and recorded songs. Went to bed early, got up, and got back to work,” Busta explained. After the 30 days in Jacksonville, Busta continued to train with Derek, eventually moving back to New York City to work with a personal trainer. His typical diet now consists of egg whites and oatmeal, salads, vegetables, fish, and steak. And now? He’s down to 254 pounds.

Busta Rhymes works out at an LA gym in 2021. He’s lost 100 lbs. since that 2018 Citi Field appearance (Andre L. Perry for Men’s Health)

It’s not just about the number on the scale. Busta revealed that he’s sleeping better and feels like he’s ready to take on the world. “I ain’t just getting in shape to look good with my music,” he told Men’s Health. “We are in the eye of the storm of some real sh*t happening. And I was raised to protect and provide for my family and my people. I don’t know how to be any other way. I have to contribute in any way I can, even if that means engaging in physicality to ensure survival.”

Busta Rhymes

Juelz Santana – Ol Thang Back (feat. Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Method Man & Redman)

Listen, you might learn some
Jahlil Beats, holla at me
Jadakiss where you been, where you at
This rap is wack
I want that old thing back
I want that old thing back

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Some niggas tell a lot, some niggas sell a lot
Some niggas used to be mad nice, then fell a lot
Albums still trash I don’t care who the hell you got
Portraying the role of a G, we can tell you not
Sorry to bother you, I’m only doing what a father do
Your production is horrible, you’ll forever be a nerd
And your metaphors are better off, never being heard
I came in grinding, Puff made me shining
Put ’em both together, a protege of the 90’s
Grew up, put that bullshit behind me
Started making niggas demises untimely
Looking for me, come to the hood you can find me
Gucci belt right on the waist where the 9 be
.38 right in the garbage, where the packs at
M1 right in the trunk, where the jacks at
Whoever is in arm length will get backslapped
Cause I ain’t playing with these rap cats
This is the flow you can’t learn
The dutch you can’t burn
Nigga, I’ve got stripes you can’t earn

[Hook: Jadakiss]
Method Man, where you been where you at
These rap niggas is wack, I want that old thang back
Yeah, I want that old thang back
Yeah, I want that old thang back

[Verse 2: Method Man]
You got the M.E, the M.E., the M.E., the M., M., M.,
The M.E.T.H.O.D. Man
[?] need a dopefiend track
Let me shoot up and lean back
With this needle stuck in my arm, never tuck in my charm
Most my team sling crack
If I hit every corner with G packs
Might cause the man DC to relapse
I’m a Hip hop junkies, who needs rap?
MC’s wack, Killerbees is back in the booth
Mind your beeswax
And fuck a style that you got
We blow a cap at any Energizer bunny right where his battery at
Look, the bastard child of Clarence Thomas and Reagonomics
On every 1st and 15th make sure you pay me homage
Might break a promise but never breaking the code
Got the floor safe, coke in the pot, fiend at the stove
Meth, rock a W on my clothes
I’m a straight rider, straight to the W with these hoes
I’m straight fire, these motherfuckers is froze
Like a skinny supermodel that like to powder her nose

[Hook: Method Man]
Redman, where you been where you at
These rap niggas is wack, I want that old thang back
I want that old thang back
I want that old thang back

[Verse 3: Redman]
Dope boy, I’m like Rick James, I got that old thang
I got a gold chain, [?] with gold frames
Doc doing the runnerman on Soul Train
With a chinese girl, the chicken get Lo Mein
Propane for the raw, I put her on the streets
My thoughts, the blue magic put on the beats
Game time, Doc rocket like Dominique
Straight vegetarian nigga and ignore the beef
Yeah, Kyrie keep the blow smoking
Slide in the club, cool like the floor frozen
Check out the wild thang got a [?] loco
Big ass and high heels with the toes open
That’s me, 90’s MC
Fuck a Grammy awards, underground is tax free
Look in the mirror I feel fantastic
The mirror said ‘you are, you conceited bastard’

[Hook: Busta Rhymes]
Santana, where you been where you
These rap niggas is wack, I want that old thang back
I want that old thang back
Tell ’em I want that old thang back

[Verse 4]
I came to bring the pain
Put niggas to shame, simple and plain
They gon’ remember my name
And it’s all for respect not fame
So don’t play with me
You could give ’em rope, they still can’t hang with me
Pass the baton, they still can’t race with me
So far ahead of these niggas they still chasing me
I wouldn’t be surprised if niggas ghostwriters got ghostwriters
Nothing cease to amaze you
Labels used to care, even though they was raping me
Now it’s 360 deals, modern day slavery
Fuck you pay me, I’m the one who calling
[?] or fame over fortune
The game done changed, the sound done changed
All these niggas sound the same
The word loyalty don’t even sound the same
Good thing I keep the pound, when it bang it always sound the same
I aim at the game, the real shall remain
Neck full of water like I drowned my chain
Flier than a nigga jumping out the plane
Higher than you niggas, you can finally [?]
Better than you niggas that’s without me saying
Treat the money like the work, we don’t count we weight it
[?], aim it, blaze it, flame it
[?] shower head, you don’t want me spraying
Enough with the mumble jumble
Santana back though, can I get a drum roll?
Whole lotta kush and it’s stuffed in a fronto
Fiends still say my work taste like gumbo
Yeah, bring that old thang back
I was told to whip it up and bring the whole thang back
When I was [?], you was jumping rope
I was runnin’ out of bags, you was playing tag
While you was hop scotching, I was drop shopping
At the dealer paying cash for them paper tags
While you was pop locking, I was Glock popping
Getting to the cash, brown paper bags
Blowing money fast and it never last
Yeah, they make it fast, barely make it back
Haters gonna suffer, I’m okay with that
All this garbage, time to throw away the trash

A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation

[Verse 1: Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Jarobi, & Phife]
In the box with the capital G, balling the beat
Status, Chris Paul and John Wall in the league
Grabbin’ mics till the knuckles’ll bleed, ’cause I believe
The potent and the quote will have ya geek like speed
If rationale is naturale, then we’ll weave
It’s all edges and peas
Settin’ picks, we on a permanent steez
I’m in a world where my princess is Leia
And she feeling my Vader
And my lure grows greater and greater
Chemtrails droppin’ poisonous vapors
Had to shake her like gator
Been trill, nigga, process the data
Blu-ray wave follow a beta, I’ll DVR for later
Cop a [?] with a [?]
You can’t define us, XYZ-Z, it’s the generation
Elitists have you cheatin’, virtual think pieces
See, these written words provided by science, brains defying
Thoughts heavy, baby, they’re a major appliance
Leave a [?] flyest [?] through a giant
Dude’s nice, he tight, screwed in with some pliers
Cool with some bias, yeah, nigga, cool with some brothers
Never know tattletales, only ya’ll don’t know us
Yeah, show me, generation, show us what you gon’ show us
So listen, mami, [?]
Mouthpiece like [?] with a jubilant noise
Dude’s rude and it’s useless as coin, shoot ’em boys
Versed and rehearsed in the soothing of loins
Talk to Joey, Earl, Kendrick, and Cole, gatekeepers of flow
They are extensions of instinctual soul
It’s the highest in commodity grade and you could get it today

Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Rules the nation

[Verse 2: Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Jarobi, & Phife]
One hit and readin’ pages of Poe
Telly is low, Cuddlebunny ready to go
Day of the dead, bury all the zombies instead
And it’s just your aftermath, Busta cuttin’ your dreads
Bruce Leein’ niggas, why you niggas UFC
Smoke tree on niggas, sizzle out your USB
Surge pricing on these Ubers, I’mma get me a cab
Yo, where Jarobi at?
I’m vibing on impeccable grass
I be in NYC waiting for that law to pass
[?] been waiting for a Jet’s title since last
[?] gangrene on that ass
Magic Mike on the mic, David Blane, Douglas Henning
In the church of Busta Rhymes it’s my sermon you’re getting horizontalspittin’, I’m the exorcist of your writtens
Don’t interrupt me, nigga
Sorry, that’s a sin I’m forgiving
Like how we be skipping on beats like cooking crack in the kitchen
Nah, just out the package, dry your [?]
This mad city’s not a game, easy, quiet on set
Phife, student of the past, trailblazing the day
Now they knowledge’in and tryin’ ta swept up in a phase
It’s the highest of commodity grade and you could get it-get it-get it-get it today

Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Dis generation
Rules the nation

This is our generation, generation, ah
This our generation, generation, ah
This our generation, generation, ah